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Stay Strong

By  | April 4, 2014

Wish I still had the painting; remember it well and what it served to remind my Dad when he was raising me. It was right in between the bookcases in our Singapore home, of a large rock surrounded by a rugged coastline being battered by ocean waves; similar to rugged coastlines of Hawaii, the British… Continue reading »

Learning to Fly

By  | March 21, 2014

I always was amazed at how they did it, single parents. Flying Solo.  It was not as if they went to the altar expecting it; my parents included.  We all have the best of intentions, hopes, and dreams.  All of sudden, gone.  Single Parenting is hard, and know that culture is geared more towards single moms than dads. … Continue reading »

How Did I Know?

By  | March 7, 2014

I do remember coming home from school as a seven year old child and Mom is not home.  Left to wonder, what happened and where did she go?  Whose is going to read with me?  Who is watch me wear ice cream from forehead to chin?  Who am I going to watch Captain Kangaroo with… Continue reading »

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18 New Tips Added To Help You Succeed as a Single Parent!

Updated: February 2014