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Your Invisible Cape

By  | January 9, 2015

You wear it well, even though it can’t be seen.  In fact, I find most superhero costumes quite lacking compared to yours.  Your invisible cape, often worn with a pair of your jeans, shirt, and maybe a dishtowel over your shoulder or rake in your hand.  A mask?  No way, your superpowers are hidden behind… Continue reading »

What’s your fuel?

By  | October 31, 2014

It was the summer I was turning fifteen:  ‘If we don’t operate and get it corrected, your life will be short and difficult.’  That was the prognosis from one of the surgeons who reconstructed rib cages.  Mine were growing in a way that restricted lung capacity. When I heard it, could not believe it.  My Dad… Continue reading »

Like It or Not, You’re on Stage

By  | June 1, 2014

Can’t remember what I was frustrated about, however it was one of those times where one thing after another went wrong.  I was exasperated and was letting it show.  So was my son, who was around four at the time just mimicking what I was doing.  On the lighter side, when I would mow the… Continue reading »

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