Mar 232011

Simple thought for today:  Although there are times when parenting is overwhelmingly difficult, rest in knowing that progress is being made.  Through the years, I have felt like screaming and running my fist in the wall due to frustration in parenting.  I was certain that nothing I said was getting through to my pre-teens and teens. 

I was wrought with fear that my children would make the same mistakes that I had or choose the wrong path.  I sit with many parents throughout the week and hear this same fear from them. 

A few weeks ago, something strange, but wonderful happened.  My teens were part of a weekend teen conference at my local church.  There were more than a thousand teens there from all over the country and it was a phenomenal experience.  Parents were able to watch online and we caught bits and pieces of it.  Both my teens asked to have friends spend the night.  We had a total of 8 teens that were here.  It was 12:30am.  I was tired, and the kids were being way too loud for that hour.  But….on my way back to correct them, I stopped.  I stood outside each of their doors and heard the innocent giggles.  I stopped and smiled.  I didn’t say a word.  Continue reading »