Sep 072011

Single parents, married parents, soon-to-be parents, listen up. I think, pray, and really consider what I will share with you from week to week.  This one, you must hear!  I want to dedicate this post to some good old-fashioned kick-in-the-pants parenting advice.

Stop overindulging your children!

I cannot begin to express how I hope that this message flies from one end of the earth to the other.  What a waste of young, precious life, when we, as parents, are too lazy to do our job that we simply overindulge our child’s every desire.  I do not care if you have toddlers, pre-teens, teens, or adult children.  Stop this.   Continue reading »

Apr 202011

Enjoy this beautiful, wonderful Easter season.  I absolutely do not think there is a better time of year, especially in the South.  The weather is a breezy 75 degrees, wind blowing, birds chirping, roses blooming, and children playing outside.  Awwwww, after a long winter, it is such a welcomed break.  Enjoy your family, your children, and your friends this Sunday.  And most importantly……

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Apr 132011

Parenting is difficult.  Period.  You can read every book and implement every rule your parents swore to you would work and you will still have questions!  As wonderful as my kids are turning out, I can tell you there have been dark days, when I was frustrated, hurt, angry, and concerned that I had not made good parenting choices.  Any parent who is being honest would say the same.  So, if even the most seasoned parents admit to struggling, how is it that we do this thing successfully? 

Well, first, there are several things that are what I considered to be “negotiables” in your parenting style, e.g. to spank or not spank, bedtimes, allowances, etc.  However, I believe there are also some “non-negotiables”, some of which you have read here at Single Parents Town, so feel free to view some of my other parenting blog post at

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