Apr 162012

I am told that in order to have a successful blog, you have to either entertain, educate, pose a question or share a story. I have tried too at one time or another do all of the above here on my blog. Sometimes I believe that I am successful, and at other times I am not sure. It’s kind of like raising children, sometimes your the hammer and then at other times you are the nail. Either way I thought that today I would try to educate you with a few tips from Chapter One of my book “Kickin’ Butt as a Single Parent – 99 Tips that Every Single Parent Must Have”. I hope that these tips help you to hit the nail on the head for you today.

Getting Your New Life in Order

When I first became a single dad, I had to learn very quickly how important it was for my children, and my sanity, to organize my life in a way that caused the least amount of disruption to all of us. Although at times I felt like I was herding cats, I made it work, and so can you. Your world will change whether or not you choose to change it, but you have the power to choose its direction. Let me say that again, “Your world will change whether or not you choose to change it, but you have the power to choose its direction.” Never forget that you, and only you, can make your life what you want it to be. Have you felt in the past as if others have controlled you? Affected you negatively or dictated the path that you were supposed to follow? Well those days are over. You are the captain of the ship as you set sail upon your new journey. A journey that I promise will be filled with so many positive experiences, lessons and joys that you can not even yet imagine. Like Christopher Columbus setting out on his journey to the unknown, you, too are setting out on a journey of not just discovery, but self-discovery. One of the first things that you must do if you are going to be successful on this wonderful journey is to get organized, get established and get ready. Below you will find tips that are proven to help you put your puzzle back together. Even if you have never been very good at organization, these tips, if completed honestly and completely, will help you not only get your new life in order, but establish the foundation of a bright and organized future. You are the only one that has the ability, the willingness and the responsibility to be on top of your new life, not under it. Rise to the top by using the following tips to your advantage, and you will reap the rewards of your success. Continue reading »

Apr 092012

Since it is Monday and the new week is upon us, I thought that I would share with you a job description that a friend of mine recently shared with me. I have posted this blog once before but believe that it it is worth repeating. I hope that it brings a smile to your face and starts your weekend off on the right foot. It is hilarious and something we can all relate to.


Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma Continue reading »

Mar 262012

I recently was speaking with a friend of mine about issues that he is having with his two kids. He was frustrated with no matter what he says to his kids, they would both interpret his words differently, and act differently. We laughed at how two children from the same gene pool could turn out so different. In honor of his frustration, I decided to re-post a blog I did a few years ago about how different my kids are. I hope that it provides some insight, humor and peace in your life today.

I have always said that I am blessed to have my children. Raising them on my own is definitely tough, but with challenges come great rewards. I hope that I can  keep the two of them around long enough to realize this. My son is now 15 and I am so proud of him. He and I have a bond, that although not expressed daily, is there in our hearts. I have watched him mature more and more each day. His sense of humor is second to none.  The other night I told him that “Yes Jack we are going to eat together as a family” to which he replied “Dad I promise that if you let me eat downstairs in front of the TV I won’t do drugs, get  anyone pregnant or go to jail” I think that he must be listening to my radio show archives at www.singleparentstown.com again.

My daughter who has been the apple of my eye since the day she was born has always been a joy. She has a heart of gold and a smile that stretches from here to eternity. Never really a problem, just a good kid. That was until she turned 13 last August. I have heard stories of how girls transform at this age but hearing stories and experiencing it are two separate things. The other night Jack asked if we could just “put her down” There is that quick wit and humor again. What is it that turns little angels into devils at 13? If I have learned one thing as a single parent it is that patience is a virtue. I have become so patient with these kids but  my patience is beginning to wain with my daughter. If I tell her that her hair looks great she asks why I didn’t like it before? If I tell her that I love her new outfit she gives me three reasons why it could be better. I bite my tongue and Jack just laughs. His day will come when he has a family, but right now he is finding joy in watching me deal with this. Continue reading »

Mar 052012

I recently posted this saying on my Facebook page and to my surprise got quite the response from people.  It seems that at one time or another we have all been guilty of making someone our priority, when we were just their option.

I am sure that so many of you who are divorced feel this way, after all it is usually the one who has had enough of making everyone else their priority, without feeling appreciated themselves, that finally says enough and files for divorce. There are also those out there who are such constant caregivers that they always seem to find themselves making everyone else their priority, while they are just someone else’s option. Sound familiar to any of you? How about the person who divorces, and after the proper amount of time decides to date again, only to find themselves in need of attention and comfort so bad, that they once again “make someone their priority, while they only make them their option”.

What is it that drives so many people to this unhealthy and never ending cycle of frustration and pain? What is that blinds people to the obvious? Why can’t they see the forest through the trees or their nose in spite of their face? Why would you want to ever make someone else your priority when they only make you their option? Continue reading »

Feb 272012

Have you ever heard the story about the little boy who answered the phone call?

One day, the phone rang, and the little boy answered.
“May I speak to your parents?”
“They’re busy.”
“Oh. Is anybody else there?”
“The police.”
“Can I speak to them?”
“They’re busy.”
“Oh. Is anybody else there?”
“The firemen.”
“Can I speak to them?”
“They’re busy.”

“So let me get this straight — your parents, the police, and the firemen are there, but they’re all busy? What are they doing?” Continue reading »

Feb 202012


So often I hear from people who want to make a change in their life but are either afraid, or unwilling to take the first step. What is it that keeps people from making a change? Is it that they fear the unknown? Is it that they believe that the sacrifice is greater than the reward? Or is just that they enjoy wallowing in their own unhappiness? No matter what the reason, or excuse that they use, they continue to live in a state of unhappiness, despair and self grief. Well today I am going to change that for you. Today I am going to give your three small things to do that I guarantee will change your life. Not one of these things will require you to lose weight, get up early, or make a drastic change in your life, but if done twice a day for the next 21 days they Will Change Your Life. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Here is the deal. Getting out of a bad relationship, working out, losing weight, dealing with your kids, getting a new job, changing your financial picture and finding happiness come from one place, and only one place YOUR MIND. You first must believe in it in order to achieve it. Below are three things that I challenge you today to say to yourself each morning when you get up, and each evening when you go to bed. I challenge you to not just recite them but to believe in them. Say them with conviction, say them with intention and say them as if they are the three most important things you will ever tell yourself. Once you do they will become part of your mind set, your being and your future. Continue reading »

Jan 302012

Whenever I speak to groups, I always like to give them a little spelling test. It is really a very easy test, but one that everyone always seems to fail. My question is “How do you spell Love”? Most of the time everyone will proudly answer, L.O.V.E. Oh sure there are the occasional L.U.V.’s that come out, but in general L.O.V.E. is the answer. Each time I do this I have to correct the audience. The real way to spell Love is T.I.M.E. If you truly want to show your children, your family, your friends, yourself  and others in your life that you love them, then you need to spend time with them.

If there is one thing that we never seem to have enough of it’s time. We all seem to be busy running around, taking care of ourselves, our kids, our jobs and are so preoccupied with life, that we just don’t spend enough time with those that are closest to us. Every year around this time, what is the one thing that we all like to say? “Where has the time gone”? Someone once told me that if you want to live forever then get married, because when you are single times flies by and once you get married, time slows down to a crawl:) That person by the way is now divorced! Continue reading »