Feb 292012

Walking down the parenting path has led me to many sleepless nights. When doing it alone, it is even worse. Many parents fear mistakes their children will make, financial problems, or what the future holds. In the past, I have been one who was consumed by fear (many unfounded) and struggled to overcome fear:

- fear that if my children didn’t make the honor roll they would get into a bad college or heaven-forbid not go to college at all

- fear that this temporary “tight” financial month would somehow spiral out of control and leave me homeless Continue reading »

Feb 222012

Women and “sisterhood” are not always synonomous. Sadly, women can often be categorized as “catty”, “messy”, or “hen-pecks”. Before we, as women, can learn to arise and awaken our spirits to be all God has called us to be — the best moms, the best friends, the best workers — we must first learn to embrace sisterhood.

For far too long, women have spent meaningless, wasted time bickering, name-calling, and pursuing personal I-gotta-always-be-right vendettas. Once we let all that go, we learn to come alongside one another. The truth is, it is sometimes far easier to talk about the ugly outfit the girl next to you is wearing than it is to address the ugly on the inside of us.

Caution: Stop comparing yourself to others. It only births insecurities that make it almost impossible for you befriend others. You were created perfectly for what you have been put on this earth to do. As you cease comparison, you enter a place of complete peace, where you then can build meaningful relationships with other women. Continue reading »

Feb 152012

We have all heard, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”  But how do you do that?  Parenting struggles, money woes, or business concerns will surely rear their ugly head from time to time. 

As I embark upon those difficult tasks of parenting or managing money (or any of the dozens of other things we all face), I try to be positive, asking myself questions such as, “What can I learn from this?”  or “How will this make me better?” I have learned that my negative attitude towards the situation does nothing to improve it.  And in the process, I’ve learned to make lemonade.

Here’s what I’ve learned about making lemonade: Continue reading »

Feb 082012

As a writer, I am privileged to share my thoughts and ideas in a variety of venues.  One of the things I have resolved to do through the years is to write about those things that will encourage and challenge and to avoid those topics that simply spark debate for the sake of debating.  Hence, it is very unlikely that you will ever see me write about politics and the like. 

However…..there are some times when I must write or I will simply burst!  This is one of those times.  There are a handful of topics for which I am immensely passionate.  This is one.  In fact, the more I think about it – the more passionate I become – abortion and the church.

If you are an avid Single Parents Town reader, you will quickly discover that I am a Christian writer — for which I make no apologies.  My convictions and opinions stem from those Christian views.  I love the church immensely and love its people.  So for all intents and purposes, this particular article is for those people — the church.  Continue reading »

Feb 012012

I’ve been on a journey recently……what am I talking about?!  I’ve been on a journey for the last sixteen years – the art of letting go.  I have read dozens of parenting books.  I regularly seek the counsel of friends and family.  Yet, I am convinced that absolutely nothing prepares you for the day you realize that your little boy is becoming a man – the day he enters high school, the day he drives away for the first time without you in the car, the day he goes on his first date.  It’s hard. 

I am not there.  I have not arrived.  I am still learning the art of letting go.  But I wanted to share with you some things I have learned on this journey that you may find helpful:

1.  Their mistakes do not always reflect your poor parenting.  Continue reading »

Jan 302012

Whenever I speak to groups, I always like to give them a little spelling test. It is really a very easy test, but one that everyone always seems to fail. My question is “How do you spell Love”? Most of the time everyone will proudly answer, L.O.V.E. Oh sure there are the occasional L.U.V.’s that come out, but in general L.O.V.E. is the answer. Each time I do this I have to correct the audience. The real way to spell Love is T.I.M.E. If you truly want to show your children, your family, your friends, yourself  and others in your life that you love them, then you need to spend time with them.

If there is one thing that we never seem to have enough of it’s time. We all seem to be busy running around, taking care of ourselves, our kids, our jobs and are so preoccupied with life, that we just don’t spend enough time with those that are closest to us. Every year around this time, what is the one thing that we all like to say? “Where has the time gone”? Someone once told me that if you want to live forever then get married, because when you are single times flies by and once you get married, time slows down to a crawl:) That person by the way is now divorced! Continue reading »

Jan 252012

The daily grind – work, home, carpool, dinner, organize the house, wash clothes, check homework, on and on and on ——

Do you ever simply have fun? Do you ever enjoy your children for who they are?  Do you ever dance around the living room with them - no matter their age? Do you spend time having a snack and talking? Do you sit outside and enjoy the cool, night air? 

As probably one of the most organized, workaholic, mothers that you will ever meet, let me give you some friendly advice.  Play.  Have fun.  Enjoy your children.  Continue reading »