Oct 292012

What have I been doing with my life? I always thought that life was suppose to teach me things each and every step of the way. As a young boy I attended school every day because I was told that it would teach me things that I didn’t already know. I graduated from college thinking that I would be wiser from the experience. I have tried and failed on my own for what seems like forever, because I was told that life lessons are invaluable. Imagine my surprise when I finally realized that “Everything I Need To Know About Life I learned In The Last 60 Days”! . Here are the things that I have learned about life over the past 60 days.

* Hard work does pay off.

* Time spent by yourself is the best way to reflect upon what’s important to you, and only you. It’s also a great way to calm your mind. Continue reading »

Jul 302012

When I was much younger I seemed to have a bit of a problem avoiding the other cars. I have scratched, dented, totaled and smashed more cars than a demolition derby driver. My dad would always say that if I was in Patton’s Tank Brigadewe would have lost the war. It is only through the grace of God that I am still here today. The amazing thing to me is that I wrecked all of those cars while looking forward. OK, maybe once in awhile I wasn’t totally focused on looking forward but I can honestly promise you at no time was I ever driving the car through my  rear view mirror.

It always bothers me when I talk to people that seem to be living life through their rear view mirror. You know the type. The person who likes to say: “If only” or “Why not me”? They are living their life through their rear view mirror.

You know some of the best lesson’s we will ever learn are from our past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future. Continue reading »

Oct 032011

Over the years I have learned so much from my children. I have learned how to smile when I was feeling sad, I have learned how to be patient when I was feeling anxious, I have learned how to juggle when both hands were tied behind my back, I have learned how to do three loads of laundry before most people are even awake and I have learned what unconditional love is. Of all the lessons my children have taught me, I think the best one that I have ever learned was taught to me by my son Jack late last August. 

One day Jack and I were having one of our Dad versus seventeen year old son difference of opinion conversations. Ok it was an argument about what I expected of Jack and what he expected of me. As I threatened once again to take a way his cell phone, he responded by saying to me “Go ahead Dad, your hollow promises don’t mean anything to me.” As I started to get more upset with him I stopped in my tracks and thought hold it, he thinks that my threats are hollow huh? 

Now in my own defense, I am not the type of Dad who says one thing and does the other, it’s just that I don’t always follow through with my punishments until the end, 100% of the time. I would like to think that I follow through at least 90% of the time, but my daughter would put that number somewhere around 70% and obviously based upon Jack’s comments, he would put it somewhere around 10% of the time. Continue reading »

Jul 192011

I just got back from my annual vacation to visit my family in Montana (thus my late blog) and had an amazing time. We hung out at the lake, water skied, tubed, jet skied, swam, laughed, cooked smores and just had one of those times that I will always cherish. Whenever I go back to visit, it is always a huge event. Friends visit, family comes together and memories are crested for a lifetime. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long you might be away from your family, once you get together it seems like you had never left.

My family is very close, which is a good thing since it’s just my kids and I together here in Denver. There is something about the bond a family has, regardless of where you live, that sticks together like melted chocolate and marshmallows in a smore. No matter what challenges or differences of opinions each family might have, you can never separate them. There is a bond not only in your name but in your heart. Families are speciasl regardless of how big, how small, how close or how far they live from each other.

Never forget that your family is your bond and your bond is your family. Embrace it, enjoy it and cherish it because we all deserve to have a family that is special in it’s own way. Continue reading »

Jul 152011

When you are a single parent day in and day out there is no other in the adult to run interference for you. No one to come in and save the day. You can learn to save you own day and not lose your cool. Here are some suggestions:

1. Know Your Limits and Obey Them: frequently when we lose our cool as single parents it is because we have crossed the line and pushed ourselves too far. What are your limits? Are you most stressed if you are tired? Hungry? Financially Strapped? Continue reading »

Jul 112011

This Wednesday I will be headed up to Montana to visit my family see friends and retrieve my daughter who has spent the better part of the summer there. I am excited to see my family, hang out at the lake, have fun and oh ya, see my daughter again. Michaela has been there since early June. I know that based upon the three calls she has made to me that she is having a great time. Yes three calls… You see it’s not that she doesn’t love me, or that I don’t love her, but sometimes in life you just need a break from your kids. Now I am sure that many of you are saying the exact same thing “Boy do I need a break from my kids”. It’s natural to need some free time to yourself, to get away and to recharge our batteries, but is it alright not to miss your kids? In my case the answer is yes:) I love my daughter to death, with all of my heart, with all of my soul and with all of my mind, but honestly I just don’t miss her all that much.

Now before you start to say “What kind of a father are you Bill not to miss one of your babies” let me give you a few reasons:

1. She is a 14 year old girl. If you have ever had one of those you will totally understand what I am saying here.  Continue reading »

Jun 202011

Since it is Monday and the new week is upon us, I thought that I would share with you a job description that a friend of mine recently shared with me. I have posted this blog once before but believe that it it is worth repeating. I hope that it brings a smile to your face and starts your weekend off on the right foot. It is hilarious and something we can all relate to.


Mom, Mommy, Mama, Ma Continue reading »