May 172013

meandmytrioAs we just celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is on the horizon, I have been reflecting on how my parents, each in their own way, taught me.  They were tough lessons as I have shared with you.  Many I had to learn on my own.  Had one of my parents around, the other one was with my brother on the other side of the world in the United States.  As we are in between the days, namely Mother’s and Father’s Day, I thought about what got them through those times.  How did my Dad get through those storms?  How did my Mom come to the place where she realized she needed to face herself?  Strength of scars and wisdom of wounds.  The words that jump out at me are character and wisdom.  As I look at my trio, character and wisdom will come in handy for them too.

You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you.  ~Rwandan Proverb

Character, what is it?  What I do know is that it matters and that ‘You are what you do’.  It is the most important asset you have, takes a lifetime to build and can lose it instantly.  Though difficult, it can be regained; don’t have to look far for examples.  It is manifested through behavior, thoughts, and feelings based on principles, moral strength, and integrity.  What’s unsaid is that it involves the fortitude to live it, in other words “guts”. Continue reading »

May 162013

I’ve always loved quotes / words of wisdom. One of the first things I do in the morning is look at my favorite phrases of wisdom and enjoy the new ones that come up on my Facebook and Twitter. I often find myself saying, “I really needed to hear that today.” Then I write it down or I don’t and wish I did.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I will give credit where credit is due but the truth is, I have no idea where some of them came from. I hope you enjoy and that you too read/hear the exact words that will lift you up and/or take you to a new level in these words today.

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened. ~ Dr. Seuss Continue reading »

May 152013



Proverbs 31:27-28 “She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing to laziness.  Her children stand and bless her.”  As parents, I think we all have that deep desire that as our children become adults, they will stand and recognize all the sacrifices we made, the rules we implemented, and bless us for it.  They will be proud of how we raised them.  We hope to see the fruits of our labor. Continue reading »

May 142013

imagesThere is a voice deep inside of you that at times will have something very important to say…..when it speaks to you; LISTEN. Michele DeVille

Intuition. Gut instinct. Sixth sense. Our conscience. Regardless of what word we might choose to define it, most people have, at one time or another, experienced that voice from deep inside attempting to protect, guide, warn, persuade or save. Sometimes it is a feeling deep inside of the gut that won’t go away. Another time it might be a subtle voice that keeps echoing in your mind. In the end it does not matter how it appears but rather what it might be trying to tell you.

I like to think of it as a personal internal GPS system meant to guide us when we are feeling lost or cannot seem to find our way. Even the strongest of people sometimes get lost or struggle with the choices between right and wrong. We all know at some level when we are making a bad decision or when we have turned down the wrong road yet far too often we, as humans, choose to ignore the many signs that often appear. We ignore that inner voice that tries to warn us and lead us away from the things that eventually bring us heartache, pain or sometimes danger. Continue reading »

May 112013

Good morning friends and Happy Saturday!

Due to school, two jobs, working to get my book published, and most importantly being a father, there has not been free time for writing and I apologize for that. But today is the day I return after a near month long hiatus from the “blogosphere”.

Balancing it all and the comfort of having a stable full time job doing something I absolutely love has brought me to another realization. When a divorce becomes final it’s our chance to start digging out of a hole. “Digging out of a hole”, never a term that I’ve cared for, it’s completely backwards. Think about it. If you are standing in a hole and you keep digging you will only get deeper. The biggest mystery is that we never figure out how deep of a hole we dug until we begin to climb out of it.

So how exactly do we get out of that hole? It starts with another realization. If you sit on your butt, you will go absolutely nowhere. So first, you need to stand up and most importantly get rid of the shovel that helped you dig. Continue reading »

May 082013

We did it again.

Kelley, Kelly, Dianna, and I met up on Anna Maria Island in Florida again. We did this two years ago and regretfully skipped last year. We have made a commitment not to miss this time together again. Getting together has proven to be the most outrageous, honest, pure, and laughter inducing time we experience all year.

I saw a quote that summed up our time together.

It said:

May 032013

break free2I knew I had break free and get off Wronged Road.  Been down this boulevard of broken dreams, hearts, and lives before.  Here I am on it again, going the wrong way. Feels justifying to stay, and don’t feel like getting off it either.  Wronged Road is deceiving, with the perceived power and justification that the offender is being held accountable for their actions.   Then I realize the further I travel down this road, the more I can’t move: shackled and bound by a time and place someone else has chosen.   It weighed me down and imprisoned my soul as I chose to stay on it and turn my back on my future.  Need to find a bridge to cross.  Does this journey sound familiar?  Many people have have walked this road, not just single parents.

Want to break free?  Need to set it free.  You won’t feel like it and seeing as you are the only one that has walked in your shoes, the pain caused is certainly real.  If you so choose, need to give something away that will take everything you have.  It starts with a decision and your will to carry it out.  Forgiveness.

“Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.”  – Corrie ten Boom Continue reading »