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Letting go of someone or something is sometimes one of life’s most difficult things to do and it is often the most difficult thing to do that is the right thing to do. Have faith that while your heart may feel broken it is through your heart that you will find the strength to let go, heal and move on with more strength and clarity than ever before…. Michele DeVille

Most everyone at some point in their lives will face the difficult task of letting go of someone or something that is so important and so loved it feels virtually impossible. Perhaps it is what you think is the love of your life. Perhaps it is a job or career you believed you were born to do. Perhaps it is your home, a marriage, having a child or a lifelong dream. Whatever it is, the possibility of letting go can potentially be frightening, exhausting, overwhelming, devastating and well, infuriating and sometimes it hurts like hell.

Regardless of what it is, letting go can truly be one of the most difficult things to do in life leaving any one of us with shattered dreams, a broken heart and feeling like nothing will ever feel right again. With that being said, I think it is important to remember that it is sometimes through learning to let go that we find the path that will lead us to where we are supposed to be and often the hardest things to do in life are the right things to do.

We all have a conscience and we are all born with what I like to call a GPS system of the heart. We may not always listen or follow it but if we were to truly look deep within the heart knows at some level when it is time to let go and when it is the right thing to do. It does not mean it is easy and yes, in following our heart’s GPS it can leave it broken but in the end there is great strength, wisdom and peace in doing the right thing even when it hurts. Just as the quote above says, it is sometimes because of a broken heart that we find clarity and the strength to let go and move on to bigger and better things.


♥ Loss is a part of life and life is not always fair, but we can find gifts in our losses if we open our hearts and are willing to learn.

♥ Pay attention to your own heart’s GPS – it can and will lead you in the right direction and to destinations that you are meant to travel to.

♥ Letting go is never easy but it is sometimes through letting go and closing one door that we are finally able to open other doors and to eventually walk through the door that will bring you one step closer to your dreams.

♥ To find the strength to walk away from someone or something can feel impossible and we sometimes hang on much longer then we should but you are strong enough and you can find the courage to walk away especially if you know it is the right thing to do.

♥ Doing the right thing even when it is a hard thing will give you great peace.

♥ Don’t forget that you are special and you deserve the best in life – don’t settle for someone or something less than what you deserve. Let go of those things that are causing you pain, keeping you stuck or standing in the way of you living true to your heart.

♥ Letting go can and will hurt so allow yourself the time to grieve and mourn your loss. You will be okay.

♥ It is sometimes through our tears and pain that we can finally feel joy and share our smile with others.

♥ Sometimes we must lose something or let go of something to truly appreciate what we once had. Be grateful for that lesson and find gratitude in whatever blessings find you moving forward.

♥ Let Go – Let God!

♥ Have faith that your broken heart will heal and you will find happiness again.

♥ Believe that you ARE doing the right thing and that it is in doing the right thing that will lead you to joy and exactly where you are supposed to be.

♥ You CAN do this.

♥ You are not alone – everyone must face letting go in this journey. Draw from other’s strength and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

♥ Love yourself to do the right thing. You deserve it.

Loss is never easy regardless of what it is and sometimes those losses can leave us feeling like our broken hearts will never mend but our hearts are stronger then we can imagine and hearts do heal. Letting go may feel impossible at the time but in the end letting go can be the most wonderful gift. If you are hanging on to something or someone that you know is wrong for you, look deep within and do the right thing. Your heart will thank you for it!

In Peace-



Michele DeVille is a Life Coach, Speaker and Author that has a passion to inspire others to live an extraordinary life at any age and regardless of the past. She believes that everyone has what they need from within to find their purpose, discover their passions and the courage to make the changes necessary to shift from where they are right now to where they want to be to live life to the fullest. Michele is the author of the book "The Path To Forgiveness" and is busy working on her second book. In addition to her love of coaching, speaking and writing she has over 20 years experience in business. She is a single mom of three amazing daughters and loves to travel, spend time up north, movies, reading, yoga, volunteering and spending times with friends and family.

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