Mar 262012

I recently was speaking with a friend of mine about issues that he is having with his two kids. He was frustrated with no matter what he says to his kids, they would both interpret his words differently, and act differently. We laughed at how two children from the same gene pool could turn out so different. In honor of his frustration, I decided to re-post a blog I did a few years ago about how different my kids are. I hope that it provides some insight, humor and peace in your life today.

I have always said that I am blessed to have my children. Raising them on my own is definitely tough, but with challenges come great rewards. I hope that I can  keep the two of them around long enough to realize this. My son is now 15 and I am so proud of him. He and I have a bond, that although not expressed daily, is there in our hearts. I have watched him mature more and more each day. His sense of humor is second to none.  The other night I told him that “Yes Jack we are going to eat together as a family” to which he replied “Dad I promise that if you let me eat downstairs in front of the TV I won’t do drugs, get  anyone pregnant or go to jail” I think that he must be listening to my radio show archives at again.

My daughter who has been the apple of my eye since the day she was born has always been a joy. She has a heart of gold and a smile that stretches from here to eternity. Never really a problem, just a good kid. That was until she turned 13 last August. I have heard stories of how girls transform at this age but hearing stories and experiencing it are two separate things. The other night Jack asked if we could just “put her down” There is that quick wit and humor again. What is it that turns little angels into devils at 13? If I have learned one thing as a single parent it is that patience is a virtue. I have become so patient with these kids but  my patience is beginning to wain with my daughter. If I tell her that her hair looks great she asks why I didn’t like it before? If I tell her that I love her new outfit she gives me three reasons why it could be better. I bite my tongue and Jack just laughs. His day will come when he has a family, but right now he is finding joy in watching me deal with this. Continue reading »