Mar 052012

I recently posted this saying on my Facebook page and to my surprise got quite the response from people.  It seems that at one time or another we have all been guilty of making someone our priority, when we were just their option.

I am sure that so many of you who are divorced feel this way, after all it is usually the one who has had enough of making everyone else their priority, without feeling appreciated themselves, that finally says enough and files for divorce. There are also those out there who are such constant caregivers that they always seem to find themselves making everyone else their priority, while they are just someone else’s option. Sound familiar to any of you? How about the person who divorces, and after the proper amount of time decides to date again, only to find themselves in need of attention and comfort so bad, that they once again “make someone their priority, while they only make them their option”.

What is it that drives so many people to this unhealthy and never ending cycle of frustration and pain? What is that blinds people to the obvious? Why can’t they see the forest through the trees or their nose in spite of their face? Why would you want to ever make someone else your priority when they only make you their option? Continue reading »