Love Is Like A Box of Chocolates…..

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Feb 142012

As yet another Valentines Day is upon us I was thinking about LOVE and how it is truly the thing in life that matters the most. LOVE is powerful and it is something that everyone wants and everyone needs. LOVE is a risk. LOVE is irrational. LOVE is beautiful. LOVE is intoxicating. LOVE is simple yet so complex. LOVE is amazing. LOVE is confusing. LOVE can bring even the strongest to their knees and can lead people to do things they would normally not do. LOVE is one of the most extraordinary feelings in the world. LOVE is unforgettable. LOVE is messy. LOVE is perfect. LOVE is imperfect. LOVE brings peace.  LOVE is unpredictable. LOVE hurts. In the end LOVE is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get.

Most people have been in love at least once in their lives and for some it has been several times. Most have had their hearts broken and most have broken someone’s heart. Regardless of having loved and having suffered a broken heart people are still drawn to the allure of all that a relationship can bring and to love. It is a feeling like no other and one that is desperately missed when it is lost or gone. Humans need to be loved and in all honesty we have the need to love right back and so it is no surprise that we struggle when we break up with someone, a relationship falls apart, we fall out of love, we have been hurt or we find ourselves alone. We are meant to share our lives with others and somehow we do not feel whole or complete when we are walking the journey without a partner.

I have been in love more than once, have broken a few hearts and have certainly had my heart broken and as much as love has sometimes hurt I can honestly say I would rather have loved and been hurt than to never have loved at all. With that being said, it can be incredibly difficult to find the courage to take the risk and find love again when one has been hurt. We all go into relationships with our hearts open ready to dig into that “box of chocolates” believing that we are going to enjoy every moment and having faith that this could be the one. However, love is truly like a box of chocolates. Once we get past the beautifully wrapped box and open it up we do not always know what we will find inside and you never know for sure what you are going to get. That can be scary and leaves most of us feeling vulnerable. I have been there but on this Valentine’s Day there are a few thoughts about that box of chocolates I would like to share…..

♥ Love is like a box of chocolates but instead of feeling afraid and never opening the box – embrace it, welcome the adventure and enjoy every bite.

♥ It IS better to have loved and hurt than to never have loved at all.

♥ People come into our lives for a reason and most are here to teach us something. If it is for a short time but ends find the gift, learn from it and move forward with wisdom.

♥ Love is worth it.

♥ There is a difference between feeling lonely and being alone. As much as we crave love and want to be in love it is OK to be alone and to spend some quality time with the person that matters most: YOU.

♥ Stop trying so hard. It is often when we stop searching that love finds us. Don’t force it and have faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment.

♥ Sometimes love is right in front of us and it was there all along. It will present itself when you least expect it.

♥ Sometimes we must lose love to learn, grow, evolve and blossom into the person we were truly meant to be.

♥ Sometimes we must lose love before we can appreciate what we once had.

♥ Love can be better the second or third time around. Remember, when one door closes it can and will lead you to something better. Keep opening those new doors.

♥ Don’t settle!! You deserve to be loved and treated as the special person you are.

♥ Be careful of loving for the wrong reasons and don’t allow loneliness and fear to keep you in a relationship that is hurting you or not right for you. You deserve more.

♥ Broken hearts do heal and you will love again.

♥ There are many things and many people to love in life. Love is everywhere – you are never completely alone!

♥ GOD loves you always!!

♥ Love like it is your last day and never take those you love for granted. NEVER.

♥ Forgive yourself – forgive others.

♥ In the end – love is what matters the most.

♥ Fall in love with yourself all over again for it is when you love yourself that you can truly love another.

It is Valentines Day and yes, as romantic and exciting as Valentines Day can be it is also a day that can serve as a reminder of  that broken heart, the love you lost or that you are alone. I would challenge you to embrace Valentines Day and remember that love is not about one day but rather it is about every day. Love is about loving ourselves. Love is about forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. Love is about kindness. Love is about making a difference in the lives of others. Love is about compassion. Love is about respect. Love is what matters the most and we do not need to be in a relationship to feel it, share it or experience it.

Love is like a box of chocolates and we never know what we are going to get but isn’t that in part what love is all about? Love comes in all different shapes, sizes and flavors. Love is meant to be enjoyed, experienced and shared. Don’t be afraid to open the box even if you have been hurt. That is part of the human adventure. I have opened a new box of chocolates and while I was afraid of what might be inside I can honestly say I am so glad I did.  I hope you will do the same…..

Regardless of where you are in the journey and if you are alone or in a relationship Happy Valentines Day. Celebrate life, celebrate YOU, love yourself and remember you are special and life loves you!  Just love…..

In Peace-







Michele DeVille is a Life Coach, Speaker and Author that has a passion to inspire others to live an extraordinary life at any age and regardless of the past. She believes that everyone has what they need from within to find their purpose, discover their passions and the courage to make the changes necessary to shift from where they are right now to where they want to be to live life to the fullest. Michele is the author of the book "The Path To Forgiveness" and is busy working on her second book. In addition to her love of coaching, speaking and writing she has over 20 years experience in business. She is a single mom of three amazing daughters and loves to travel, spend time up north, movies, reading, yoga, volunteering and spending times with friends and family.

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