Jan 092012

As I sat at home yesterday and watched the Denver Broncos, and Tim Tebow, pull out another miraculous victory I couldn’t help but to think how much the Broncos and being a single parent have in common. Now all you Pittsburgh fans may not agree with me here but let me explain.

As the Broncos began their season, no one really gave them much of a chance at being successful. They didn’t have the talent, they didn’t have the skills, and they didn’t have a chance. Well as the season began to unfold the so called experts seemed to be right as the Broncos started off with a record of 1-4. But then something very interesting happened. They made a change in how they approached the season. They named a relatively inexperienced young Tim Tebow as their new starting quarterback. The so called experts jumped all over him. He didn’t have any experience in the NFL, he didn’t have the skills to succeed at this level, and he was nothing more than a good guy, with good intentions, in a bad situation. So much for the experts…

As the season continued Tim Tebow and the Broncos began to win, they began to believe and they began to succeed. The so called experts said it was just luck and that there was no way it would continue, they were sure to implode in no time, and for a few games they were correct. The Broncos lost three games in a row and everyone said “See I told you so.” Then something happened that no one thought was possible, they got into the playoffs. Again the so called experts, as well as the odds makers said, “There is no way they will beat Pittsburg” they are lucky to be where they are, they are huge underdogs. Well anyone who watched the game knows now that the Broncos did win the game, and Tebow performed like an All Pro quarterback. Continue reading »