Washington Needs a Co- Parenting Class

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Nov 212011

I have never used this blog to make a political statement and I am not about to do so today. I personally do not care if you are a Republican a Democrat or and Independent. I don’t care if you are a card carrying member of the Green Party, Brown Party, Yellow Party or Chuckie Cheese Party.

I have always believed that this blog should be an opportunity for you the reader to take a peek inside the life of a single dad. I believe that is what I have always done and will continue to do so. But last night, as I sat at home with the kids watching the news, I couldn’t help to think that Washington needs a co-parenting class.

Here we have our role models our leaders and in essence the parents of our country acting like two bickering parents. Do they not get it? It’s not about who wins, or who you love the most or who you want to live with it’s about us, the children of this country. The ones who have to live with your decisions and bickering each and every day. Do any of you think about us the children first? OK I know that each of you parents believe that your way is the right way, but is it really? We as the children of this country need you to be there for us. To set an example. To consciously co-parent us effectively. To first put our needs in mind not your own individual self serving motives. We will accept the fact that you will never see eye to eye on everything. After all that is why you have separated. We will accept the fact that you are hurt and angry about your loses but why must you take it out on us? Why can’t you just give a little and meet half way? That is all we the children of this country want.

We have lived with you in the past when you screamed and shouted and it hurt our feelings. It made us sad that you spent so much time bickering about yourselves that you didn’t spend time with us. We as a family survived those days of differences and we will survive them again in the future, but please don’t forget about us the children. You have been and hopefully will continue to be, our role models. We look up to you. We believed in you. Please don’t allow your anger about your past and present continue to influence what we think of you. We will grow up one day and make different decisions based upon what you have put us through, but we don’t ever want to lose our respect for you.

Please Washington don’t forget that you have the responsibility to co-parent for us effectively. That is all we really ask. Communicate with us, put our feelings first and remember that you are modeling for us each day. We know that you will make mistakes and we are ok with that, just as long as you don’t forget us in the process.

I welcome your thoughts.

Bill McLeod is the founder of www.singleparentstown.com The author of “Kickin Butt as a Single Parent – 99 Tips That Every Single Parent Must Have” and a Life Coach to Single Parents www.billmcleodcoaching.com . He can be reached at bill@singleparentstown.com


For years, Bill McLeod has been inspiring parents world wide with his message of perseverance and success. He is the author of "Kickin' Butt as a Single Parent - 99 Tips That Every Single Parent Must Have". He is a frequent contributor to syndicated radio shows and magazines, and has been interviewed on radio programs around the country, as well as on CBS, ABC, NBC and WB-2 affiliates for his insight and commitment to succeeding as a single parent. For his ongoing work and dedication in these areas, Bill has won the prestigious State Farm Insurance Companies "Embrace Life Award" presented annually to only thirteen individuals in the U.S. and Canada. His story will enlighten you; inspire you and give you hope that anyone can succeed, as long as you realize that you will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

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