Nov 152011



This song stirs something within me every time I hear it. Perhaps it is because I have been lost more than once in life. Perhaps it is because choices I have made at times have caused me to fall and left me questioning who I was. Perhaps it is because things happen to each and every one of us in this journey that are  sometimes out of our control and cause us to lose hope and shake our faith. Regardless of the reason I love the song and it reminds me of how we sometimes all need a revelation; a little push in the right direction if you will to get things on track and to get back to the place that feels like home.

I have talked to so many people that feel lost in life and at times feel as if they are barely hanging on. Life can feel overwhelming and regardless of the reasons it can bring people to a very dark place and feeling like things will never feel okay again. The walls of our daily lives can feel like they are collapsing and closing in all around us leaving a trail of debris and chaos draining us of the energy needed to clean up the mess. So what do we do when we take a wrong turn and find ourselves lost on a road we could have never imagined? How do we turn around, plan a new and better route and head for a destination that will bring us back to peace and happiness?

While the answers are not always clear in the moment the answers are usually there. The answers may be subtle and offer no more than a whisper from deep within or the answers may scream loudly forcing us to pay attention and change our course. Regardless of a whisper or a roar, the answers are there if we choose to listen. It sometimes takes a revelation of sorts to help us recognize what we need to do and it is in those revelations that we must look deep within to find strength and courage to face the tough stuff, persevere and keep moving forward even when lost. If you are feeling lost remember: Continue reading »