Nov 092011

Monday was my 42nd Birthday.

I love birthdays. I believe they are our own personal New Year. We are saying good bye to one year and welcoming in our new year.

Just like on December 31st each year we reflect on the year before. We take what we learned or experienced, decide what we want to resolve (New Year Resolutions) and what we want to take with us (New Year Aspirations).

As my birthday drew near I found myself thinking about everything I had experienced in the last year. I blessed the great things that happened, my experiences, and what I learned. Then I looked honestly at the things I desired to change. Continue reading »

Nov 092011

I made the formal announcement last Wednesday that The Life of a Single Ministries has officially launched as a nonprofit, after several years as a sole proprietorship.  I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response.  Thank you for the encouraging comments, emails, website hits, and more. 

We exist so that every single parent across the country can feel comfortable in their local church.  We want to help churches find the right avenues to reach the single parents in their community, effectively.  And I know it is what so many of you who read my weekly columns want.

Now, I have a quick favor to ask you.  Please take a moment and help us spread the word about the ministry.  I get literally hundreds of emails per week – some from single moms desperate to connect with support groups, some from churches who want to form a support group and need help, and many from those who want to know how they can get involved with the cause.  ALL of them say they wish they would have known about what we do sooner.  Continue reading »