Nov 022011

It is with great pleasure that I formally introduce to you — THE LIFE OF A SINGLE MOM MINISTRIES. Wow, what a journey this has been!  Many of you know my story and why I love what I do, but maybe you did not realize my life’s biggest passion.

67% of single parents in our country do not actively attend church.  There are 300,000+ Christian churches in the country and less than 1% do ANYTHING for single parents. That is a huge problem for me on many levels.  First, I was the broken, hurting single mom who did not attend church, because I felt like the church would judge me (and some did) and I did not feel like anyone could possibly understand how hard things were for me.  Second, as Christians, our hearts’ desire should be that EVERY person feel like they have a place to belong inside our church walls.  And last, I have seen first-hand the radical change that takes place in lives of single mothers who genuinely connect to their local church.

Today, I have the great honor of hosting one of the nations’ largest single mom support groups in a local church, where we started with only 3 moms (thanks to the generosity of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  Through the years, I have seen our group grow to hundreds and we have unwed mothers, divorced moms, widowed moms, and those who are separated from their husbands.  I have seen young teen moms of fifteen get involved and divorcees in their fifties.  I have seen uneducated, educated, financially secure, and financially destitute — and everything in between — get involved and find a place to belong in our single moms’ group. Continue reading »