Apr 112011

Recently, I went on a wonderful trip to Denver and while waiting for my luggage my dear friend who picked me up at the airport reminded me of the baggage that we all have and carry with us throughout our lives. We were standing next to the carousel watching hundreds of bags go by and when he asked which black bag was mine I realized I had not attached a tag or any type of “special” mark to identify it. Of course, all of the bags looked alike on the outside and after a few laughs and another woman and I grabbing the same bag, we finally found the bag that belonged to me.

That day brings a smile to my face for many reasons but it truly got me thinking about the baggage each and every one of us have and if allowed, how heavy and distracting that baggage can be. Life is filled with an abundance of happy and amazing experiences but it also comes with those times that can be both difficult and challenging. Every experience whether good or bad becomes a part of who we are and in essence fills up those bags that we carry with us along the way. Sometimes, our bags become too heavy and weighed down with things that keep us stuck in a place we no longer want to be. We may try at times to lighten the load but due to regret, negativity, blame, anger and guilt, the baggage we carry becomes more than we feel we can bear and we hold things in them that we cannot seem to forget.

While it is a tough lesson to learn, I have learned that it is when my baggage feels most heavy and like I cannot carry it one more day, that it is more important than ever to look inside of those bags, take in the contents, appreciate what they hold and clean out those things that no longer serve me. I have also learned that much of what is packed inside of the baggage I carry has, for whatever it is worth, made me the woman I am today. With that being said, I still put things in my bags that do not belong there and I sometimes need to be reminded to clean them out. Continue reading »